Re: TFE - C64 Ethernet Cartridge

From: john/lori (
Date: 2002-04-13 02:18:08

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    > Embedded Ethernet board from Systor Vest AS
    > ( and a single 74LS139 decoder chip
    > mounted on a custom made printed circuit board.
    Which uses the CS8900A
    I've only read the datasheets and app notes a little bit.
    But you can't use interrupts in 8 bit mode, so are you polling?
    (only reason I could see for not being able to use interrupts in 8bit
    mode is that, to clear the interupts you have to read the queue, and
    that is done in 16 bit mode, but I wonder if you could do your accesses
    in eight bit mode, then read the queue to clear the interrupts)
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