TFE - C64 Ethernet Cartridge

From: Adam Dunkels (
Date: 2002-04-12 15:32:24

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    We are proud to announce that we have designed and implemented a fully
    working Ethernet adapter for the Commodore 64. We call our design TFE
    - The Final Ethernet (a pun on the name of the TFC :-). It consists of the
    Embedded Ethernet board from Systor Vest AS
    ( and a single 74LS139 decoder chip
    mounted on a custom made printed circuit board.
    To show off our card, we have connected a TFE-equipped C64 to the
    Internet. It is running the uIP TCP/IP stack
    ( including the web server as well as a
    real-time streaming audio server that streams audio sampled from the
    Datasette player. It can be reached at
    More information, including pictures of the cartridge, PCB layouts,
    and source code can be found at
    Note that this is not the same Ethernet adapter that Bo Zimmerman
    talked about a few weeks ago.
    Adam Dunkels and Peter Eliasson
    April 12, 2002
    Adam Dunkels <>
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