Re: Problems with a long board 1541

From: Spiro Trikaliotis (
Date: 2002-04-09 00:36:55

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    Hello David,
    David Wood wrote: 
    > The vc-1541 (the cream one) may be a vic-1541.  This revision of the '41
    > uses different timings that don't work with the c64 (ie the delays during
    > badlines on the c64's video IC).  You might try turning the video chip off
    You're obviously confusing the 1541 with the 1540. What you're describing
    is the 1540, and Daniele knows of this difference (which I conclude from
    older postings of him).
    VC is just the "german name" for VIC (and, possibly, this was used in other
    countries, too).
    Just my EUR 0.02,
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