Re: Problems with a long board 1541

From: David Wood (
Date: 2002-04-09 00:48:51

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    The vc-1541 (the cream one) may be a vic-1541.  This revision of the '41
    uses different timings that don't work with the c64 (ie the delays during
    badlines on the c64's video IC).  You might try turning the video chip off
    (cant remember the poke), and then blindly loading $.  Then runstop/restore
    to see if it read anything :)
    On Mon, 8 Apr 2002, Daniele Gratteri wrote:
    > Hello,
    > from few weeks, I have got a VC-1541, the cream 1541, which has the long
    > logic board. Well, I tried it on my "new" C64 C and found that it doesn't
    > work: it turns on, ok, but when I try to access the drive, with ANY command,
    > the drive doesn't reply and the red LED doesn't flash any time.
    > I tried its ICs (the 6502, the two 6522s, the ROMs) on my good 1541 and
    > found they work. I also connected the mechanism to the good 1541 and it also
    > works fine.
    > Do you know what can be the damaged IC? Surely it is one of these many
    > TTL...
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