Re: Commodore datassette for the Oric-1

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 2002-04-08 16:03:49

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    On Sun, 7 Apr 2002, Nicolas Welte wrote:
    > > This is fantastic news, Marko. The Oric-1 is a highly fascinating machine
    > > for those of us with an interest in British home computers - it's
    > Somehow I thought the Oric was from France?
    I think it's most visible there, maybe due to the similarity with the
    French Minitel system. Or maybe because it had RGB output from the very
    beginning and the SECAM standard sort-of messed up the rest of French home
    computing until the console era. (by which time the SCART Peritel standard
    was widespread enough for Sega etc to sell machines with those connectors)
    > > Although the Oric video chip is quite interesting in itself, the most
    > > curious thing about the Oric (neglecting its "hidden" 16K for a moment) is
    > I wish there were a hidden 16k in my Oric-1, which is the 16k model, not the
    > 48k :-) I know it's easy to upgrade it (very similar to the C16 upgrade), but
    > unless I need the additional memory, I won't do it.
    Well, I have to admit my Oric-1s are waiting for some means of getting
    data into them before I can do anything useful with them.
    Nicolas, are you still looking for early 8563 VDCs? I'd be quite happy to
    send you mine on "long-term loan", if you like.
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