Re: Commodore datassette for the Oric-1

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2002-04-07 22:00:55

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    Richard Atkinson wrote:
    > This is fantastic news, Marko. The Oric-1 is a highly fascinating machine
    > for those of us with an interest in British home computers - it's
    Somehow I thought the Oric was from France?
    > Although the Oric video chip is quite interesting in itself, the most
    > curious thing about the Oric (neglecting its "hidden" 16K for a moment) is
    I wish there were a hidden 16k in my Oric-1, which is the 16k model, not the
    48k :-) I know it's easy to upgrade it (very similar to the C16 upgrade), but
    unless I need the additional memory, I won't do it.
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