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Date: 2002-03-26 05:59:22

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    8563R6  4C
    I have a nagging recollection that these are Amiga  chips I will look them up
    1885 Script Plus Hi and Lo EPROMs,
    These were used in a cartridge on the plus/4
    >Richard Atkinson wrote:
    >>  a "Tool Kit" EPROM
    >This sounds like the third party, after market chip which was sold for
    >the empty socket in the C-128.
    >I believe the first ever, of the after market chips sold for the C128's
    >empty socket, was the *Basic 8 on a chip*.
    My memory of that history - Wallace and Russell (Walrus Soft) came 
    after the tool kit chip and a static RAM project for the empty socket 
    written up by my friend here Loren Lovhaug the publisher of the 
    Twincities 128 journal.  Does any one else have the whole series of 
    that journal?
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