Re: Some interesting chips

From: Howard Herman (
Date: 2002-03-25 23:12:41

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    Richard Atkinson wrote:
    > a "Tool Kit" EPROM 
    This sounds like the third party, after market chip which was sold for
    the empty socket in the C-128.
    I believe the first ever, of the after market chips sold for the C128's
    empty socket, was the *Basic 8 on a chip*.
    I used to have the very first version of this.  But as Basic 8 was
    enhanced, an updated version was released.  
    This created the awkward situation, where if one wanted to have the
    latest release, it would be necessary to open the C128.
    At the time, I used the original chip, and then ran the "patch" routine
    to provide the update, instead of getting the latest version chip.
    I seem to recall that it was Lou Wallace who wrote, or maybe he
    originated(?), Basic 8.
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