Some interesting chips

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 2002-03-25 22:50:09

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    I've just been sent some chips from what I believe was a Commodore repair
    facility here in the UK. There are some uninteresting production ROMs,
    some EPROMs and some other chips.
    There are some EPROMs claiming to be 1571 beta ROMs, Script Plus Hi
    and Lo EPROMs, a C128 EPROM, a "Tool Kit" EPROM and some less identifiable
    EPROMs. I'll try to get these dumped ASAP. There's also a 6569R1, another
    purple ceramic chip with gold pins which I think is an Intel chip and
    finally three 8563s. The revisions on these look like early production
    chips (possibly with bugs) so I am listing them in full:
    8563R6  4C
    There are two of the latter chip. I've read hacker documentation advising
    the use of R8 or R9 chips, so does anyone know what the bugs are with
    these earlier chips?
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