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From: Aavo Tambur (
Date: 2002-03-25 21:12:19

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    Hársfalvi Levente wrote:
    > Richard Atkinson wrote:
    > > Interesting thing about them is that
    > > they have both Centronics and CBM IEC serial ports. Are they
    > > particularly interesting inside? I'd never heard of this model
    > > before, but then I don't watch printers very closely and there
    > > are plenty of more "expensive" CBM products that only made it
    > > to England in minute quantities anyway.
    > Back in 1987 I used one for some months. It should be an Epson
    > derivative, maybe even fully designed / manufactured or just
    > licensed by Epson.
    This was my first printer, the white one, see
    I'm not sure if it is interesting from inside, but from the programming
    standpoint it is very interesting, as in addition to the normal
    Commodore mode, it has IBM 5152 Plus mode (i.e. IBM Graphics printer).
    The difference between IBM Graphics and Epson is the resolution, which
    is 240x216 dpi (runs three passes) instead of Epson's 240x144 dpi (only
    two passes).
    If there's interest I could do some scans from the manual...
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