Re: MPS1000 printer
Date: 2002-03-25 15:20:31

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    Craig S. LeVay writes:
    > I have a Sears SR-1000... (with) dual connections (a Centronics and
    > CBM connection).  It is nonfunctional on the C= port so thing it
    > needs repairs.
    There'll probably be a 7406 or the like, attached to the IEC
    It's the line driver/receiver for the CBM bus.  Check it (presuming
    you have a logic probe or an oscilloscope).  If the Centronics port
    works and the IEC port doesn't, it's probably either the driver chip
    (most common) or the 40-pin whatever that the MPS1000 uses for I/O.
    I should post a picture of this interface IC on an HP printer I have.
    The package is ruptured and the IC die is visible through the crack.
    Printers can be subjected to some rude experiences, and the driver
    chips get the worst of the lot.
    I _might_ have the printset for it, if it isn't on funet.
    > On Sun, 24 Mar 2002, Richard Atkinson wrote:
    > > I've just received two MPS1000 printers...
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