RE: C64 and VGA monitor

From: Christopher Phillips (
Date: 2002-03-11 11:02:28

> Since my Philips 8833-II have died on me (RIP) I've been 
> trying to find
> something better than a TV to use with my C64. I've found 
> plenty of "video
> to VGA" converters which claim to support "all video standards". The
> problem, ofcourse, is that the C64 doesn't follow the 
> standard and output
> 50.12Hz PAL instead of 50.00Hz.

Not a solution, but a warning of a non-solution;
the 'Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge' composite to DV
converter will not recognise c64 video output.

I didn't realise how far off-spec c64 'PAL' was,
and had hoped to use video capture as a high-speed
data transfer option ;).  Alas, it was not to be.

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