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From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 2002-03-07 20:48:16

Mathias Roslund wrote:
> I recently got my hands on a lot of C64 software and hardware and while
> going through it I found something interesting, a C65. It does not have the
> internal drive but the motherboard looks ok as well as the keyboard.
> However, I've been unable to find a propriate PSU and thus have not been
> able to test it. I've searched the Internet and found out that I should
> feed it with 12V and 5V and thus I should be able to use a standard PC PSU.
> But nowhere have I been able to find out which pin should be assigned to
> which voltage / groud. Can anyone help?

I believe the C65 uses the same power supply as the 1581/1541-II, so
this should work.

Borrowed from :

"This is the pinout of the 1581 power connector. It is shown facing the 
rear of the drive. Note that the same power supply is used for the 
1541-II and the 1571-II. The supply puts out two voltages: +5 volts DC at 
1 Amp and +12 volts DC at 1/2 Amp. Some versions of this supply are rated 
at .7 Amps on the 5 volt output.

          +12VDC -----O       O----- +5VDC

    no connection -----O     O----- GROUND"
Robin Harbron

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