Re: wanting someone to disassemble 6803 hex file

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2002-02-19 20:46:38

Nah, can't really read German although for small passages I
can usually take good advantage it's common root w/
English. I suppose that makes me a * Lamer * but sadly it
is not as common to be multi-lingual (multi-literate) here
in the US.

Although I have not read it completely, this book of mine
is called "M6800 Microcomputer System Design Data". I
contains datasheets and technical breakdowns of (AFAIK) the
entire 68xx series. Just looking at the instructionset, the
similarities and differences (to 6502) are remarkable. Like
68000 (I think) there are "A" and "B" accumulators. There's
a command to WAit for Interrupt, and another to STore the
Stack register. There's even a command to Branch to

Anyway, it's interesting novelty stuff to me. I'm stuck on
the 6502.

--- Spiro Trikaliotis <> wrote:
> *g*
> If you're able to read german:
> Günter Schmitt, "Maschinenorientierte Programmierung für
> Mikroprozessoren", 1980 R. Oldenbourg
> Verlag, ISBN 3-486-22892-7. I have the 2nd edition.
> I've found them on many university librarys.

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