Re: wanting someone to disassemble 6803 hex file

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2002-02-19 19:24:43

--- Spiro Trikaliotis <> wrote:
> I have one, too. It explains how to program
> microprocessors and
> copes with the 6800, the 6502 and the 8080/8085 (in
> comparison).

Well now, that certainly trumps my 6800-only book  ;)
Sounds interesting though, wish I could find one like that.

> Anyway, I'm not sure if the 6803 is compatible with the
> 6800.
> Does anyone know more about this? Remember that the 6809,
> for 
> example, is very different from the 6800!

Confess I've never read the details of the 6809. Point
taken though.

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