RE: C65 uses 6581 or 8580 ?
Date: 2002-02-18 05:02:33

Hi Andre,

My board (missing VIC-III and CPU) came with 8580 chips. Given the date of
the machine, then this I guess would be the appropriate spec.

- nick

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>>>>> "AK" == Andre Kaesmacher <> writes:

AK> Would it be dangerous to install a 8580 if a 6581 is needed ?

The 8580 runs on 9 V, the 6581 on 12 V.

AK> [2]Never ever access the SID while being in fast mode :-(

Is fast mode available as an active high or low signal on the mother-
board? Then you could add a logic gate that keeps the SID chip select
high if fast mode is enabled.

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