C65 uses 6581 or 8580 ?

From: Andre Kaesmacher (andre_at_kaesmacher.de)
Date: 2002-02-17 17:13:07

Hi cbm-hackers!

Concerning which SID-Chip to install inside my C65 prototype..

The C65-Specification[1] speaks about the 8580, but my own C65 had

While programming the C65, i destroyed 4 SIDs(6581) [2], so I might
try to install a 8580 instead of the 6581.

Has anyone found a 8580 in his C65 ?

Would it be dangerous to install a 8580 if a 6581 is needed ?

Thanks in advance,
Andre Kaesmacher

[1]The Specification can be found at www.c65.org/documentation
[2]Never ever access the SID while being in fast mode :-(
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