Paddles troubles...

From: Daniele Gratteri (
Date: 2002-02-08 15:43:45


I know, maybe speaking of having problems with paddles in a mailing list
where you, CBM gurus, speak about hacks that a normal person couldn't ever
imagine, can be considered OT, but I prefer to ask here than on comp.sys.cbm

The problem is: some times ago I bought a couple of paddles for my VIC 20
computer for playing with those games (like Super Smash) that require them.
I tried them with my "FrankenVIC" (the VIC 20 for my hacks) with no success:
the object controlled by the paddle was too fast! It rans from left to right
and vice-versa and it was impossible to make it moves slower!
So, I bought another couple of paddles (they are the C= brown ones, lime the
others) and... same problem. I was quite disappointed, so I tried these new
paddles on my first VIC 20, my very first computer. Here, the paddles were
controllable! But only a couple of the two ones and the bar, on the screen,
was trembling quite a bit...

What is the problem? Are my two VIC 20s unable to correctly operate with
these devices or are the potentiometer inside the paddles of poor quality
and, with the age, they doesn't work as they have to do? I hope you can help
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