RE: 1541-IDE
Date: 2002-02-07 11:07:28

Hallo Marko,

> but I guess you'd be assembling the code on the PC anyway.


> Another option is to modify Star Commander to implement the 
> M-W transfers. I assume that you already have its source
> code and the tools needed for compiling it.

Your remark made me realize that there is indeed yet a very valid reason for
not using the SRAM-modification: the modification means I must load the data
from one 1541 and then upload it to the 1541-IDE drive using a C64. Just
because I develope things on a PC, this means I first have to download the
data to the 1541. A very time consuming task indeed. 
(Why did I forget this argument as well, the bumps on my head still

But the remark of Marko triggered another idea. I'm not familiar enough with
the sources to be able to implement a new feature. (This means a change of
the menu and I still haven't find out how the menus are programmed. But for
implementing the IEEE drives that knowledge is not needed.) But there is no
point in using some routines to write a small program that does nothing else
then writing data to the memory of the 1541-IDE drive. And then I could use
SC to test the drive; no C64 or other equipment needed. 
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