RE: 1541-IDE

From: Marko Mäkelä (Marko.Makela_at_HUT.FI)
Date: 2002-02-07 10:18:36

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002 wrote:

> Hmmm, idea: has someone a "fastloader" laying around that permits me to M-W
> 32 KB of data in a user-friendly and very fast way?

I used to make some ROM dumps with a modified fastloader.  But you'd need
a "fastsaver" for that operation.

BTW, the current version of cbmlink includes routines for reading and
writing disk drive memory.  It uses standard M-R and M-W calls for that.
Of course you'd need to hook a C= to a PC in order to make use of this
solution, but I guess you'd be assembling the code on the PC anyway.

Another option is to modify Star Commander to implement the M-W transfers.
I assume that you already have its source code and the tools needed for
compiling it.


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