RE: Fast BUS = IEC Serial BUS?
Date: 2002-02-07 09:19:08

Hallo Bo,

> P.S. This machine also has an 8088 board in it.  Ruud? Busy?

All those temptations....

At this moment I'm working on two projects:
- 1541-IDE 
- Star Commander IEEE

For those who are interested in theis "SC IEEE" project: I managed to hack
an older SC version so it saw a 4040 as an 1541. And now I'm co-operating
with Joe to implement at least "6" IEEE-drives in the newest version. FYI:
2031, 3040, 4040, 8050, 8250 and "8250 in 8050 mode". 

But I realy would like to revise the 8088-board but as the photo-session
turned out as a failure, this only can work with a real board in my hands. I
think this is a full day of work. 
   / __|__
  / /  |_/     Groetjes, Ruud
  \ \__|_\


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