Fast BUS = IEC Serial BUS?

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2002-02-07 03:08:25

B-128 Fast Bus... software by ... hardware by...

This is the boot up message on the CBM-128-80HP I'm playing with.  This
message vanishes soon after it appears, being replaced by the standard BASIC
boot up message.

It comes with a fairly simple hand-wired card with a pair of IEC ports on
it.  It plugs into
a 26 pin port on the CBM 128-80HP board.

Is this a homemade deal, or a commercial product?  Anyone heard of it?  I'll
be reading in the ROMs as soon as I can for those more knowledgable, and who
seem to enjoy inspecting things such as these. :)

- Bo

P.S. This machine also has an 8088 board in it.  Ruud? Busy?

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