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From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2002-02-06 20:18:48

--- Alexander Razmayenko <> wrote:
> Hello Rhialto,
> Wednesday, February 06, 2002, 4:04:18 PM, Вы соблаговолили наче'гтать
> R> On Wed 06 Feb 2002 at 12:47:40 +0100, wrote:
> >> Hallo allemaal,
> >> 
> >> IIRC a long time ago there was a small discussion here about a PDP-11. A
> >> friend of mine can get one from the Leiden University and asked if I knew
> >> some people who could help him to fire this beast up again. Does anyone
> >> know a PDP-11 usergroup or whatever? Any help is welcome. 
> R> There is a "classiccmp" mailing list somewhere.  I'm on it.  Lots of PDP-11 and UNIX discussion.
There's a how-to-subscribe and list archive page at  The
group welcomes discussion of machines 10-years-old and older.  Commodore
users are quite welcome.  Some people want to collect, others want to restore.
As long as you don't want to crush things, you'll be welcome (a PET was
recently used on TV as a target for a BattleBot - sawed right through it!)

There's also alt.sys.pdp11 (which you can get to through

Great machines.  I have several.  There's about to be a 3-CD set of hobbyist
licenses of PDP-11 operating systems released from the current copyright
holder, Mentec (who bought the entire PDP-11 business from DEC years ago).


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