RE: 1541-IDE

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2002-02-06 20:13:32

--- wrote:
> Hallo Mike,
> I finished the very first Kernal. Now I'm soldering a cable to my 1514-II
> and building my own EPROM-emulator. And the last one is the main reason for
> the delay. 

Those are fun.  I worked with a guy who later founded his own company,
Grammar Engine.  I have one ROMulator and one PromICE.  Saved me lots
of work when I did the firmware for a serial card in a VAX.  Didn't have
to stop the VAX to make a change - 3 minutes per build cycle, not 23.  I
even put the download step into the makefile.

I recommend them (EPROM emulators _and_ Grammar Engine) highly.  Saves
much time and effort.

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