ROM dumping woes (was: Re: Swedish CBM 3032)

From: peter karlsson (
Date: 2002-02-06 18:00:21

peter karlsson:

> I'll have a better look into this tomorrow. Didn't sleep too much this
> night (was up to about 3:30am copying files)...

These dumps are broken, there are several bytes missing from them. The
question is: did they get lost when I dumped them to tape on the PET or
when I read them back on the VIC? Does anyone know if the clock speed
differences can cause problems here?

Basically, I saved them doing

10 OPEN1,1,1,"ROM DUMP"
20 FORI=45056TO65535:PRINT#1,CHR$(PEEK(I));:NEXT

on the PET and copied them to disk on the VIC back using

10 E$=CHR$(0)
20 OPEN1,1:OPEN2,8,2,"0:ROM DUMP,S,W"
30 FORI=45056TO65535:GET#1,A$:IFA$=""THENA$=E$

(a simplified view of what I did)

Should I try reading the tape on my C64 or my C128, perhaps?

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