Re: Swedish CBM 3032

From: peter karlsson (
Date: 2002-02-05 20:24:39


> PK> UFLO: MOS 901447-N 4679
> Could that be UF10?

Might be. It looked like "UFLO" (it's a few lines of chips away from
the others).

A quick raw dump of the disk I copied the ROM dumps to is at The fourth dump is
definitely broke, and the first two differ from the third somehow (the
first two only differ in the I/O area ("COMPARE TWO" and "COMPARE
THREE")). I ran a small program on the PET which did a simple FOR loop
from 11*4096 to 65535 and peeked each byte and stored it to a tape file
(continously, I got four copies on one side of a C90), and then I wrote
a simple program on the VIC ("COPY FROM TAPE") to copy those files over
to the disk. There might be errors, but hopefully at least the $Bxxx
expansion is intact, since the other ROMs were accounted for.

I'll have a better look into this tomorrow. Didn't sleep too much this
night (was up to about 3:30am copying files)...

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