Re: V364 @ eBay

From: Klaus Seiner (
Date: 2002-01-09 11:39:38

>May I just say that I resent that assumption thoroughly. CBM-hackers is
>*not* a collectors' list. Nor is it a users' forum. See that word
>"hackers" in the name? There's a clue in there, somewhere...

We we all belong to the same family-tree. Collectors need hackers to answer
about repairing machines. Hackers need collectors to maybe get their hands
on rare
hard- and software and both need users to answer standard questions.
And for "hackers" - Ever since that damn movie back in the 80´s i dont like
it any more.
Everyone involved in the IT / Computer field considers himself as a hacker
regardless what
he´s doing, even kids making copies of their favourite game are called
"hackers" :)

>Flame suits at the ready - not meaning entirely to start a flamewar, but
>something has to temper my rage at knowing this machine will go to one of
>you collector types out there. For more $$$ than I earn in a month.

<Sarcastic>Well, guess you have to find a better paid job :) </Sarcastic>

EVERYBODY would love to have such a machine (for various purposes) and hell,
the richer guy winns (sadly) - I also define myself as a collector (and have
not paid more
then 200$ for a single CBM machine up till today) and part time hardware
hacker (my soldering
art is not that impressive). So - i would love to have this machine, but i
simply cant afford it - and
even if i could i guess my girlfriend would kill me :))

So, hopefully someone gets it who can respect the machine and the art of
making it.


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