Re: V364 @ eBay

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 2002-01-09 11:15:46

On Tue, 8 Jan 2002, Klaus Seiner wrote:

> > Why, why I haven't won anything with the 'Lotteria Italia'? :-(
> > I hope it goes to someone that really wants to use it and not only as a
> > collector's item.
> Well - isnt the high bidder at the moment the same who paid nearly 5000$ for
> a MAX machine?
> So for sure its gonna end up as a collectors item - but hey - most of us ARE
> collectors
> (At least i´m not working with my C65 THAT much :)

May I just say that I resent that assumption thoroughly. CBM-hackers is
*not* a collectors' list. Nor is it a users' forum. See that word
"hackers" in the name? There's a clue in there, somewhere...

Flame suits at the ready - not meaning entirely to start a flamewar, but
something has to temper my rage at knowing this machine will go to one of
you collector types out there. For more $$$ than I earn in a month.

Curiously, all this happens while I am in Amsterdam, specifically for the
purpose of obtaining MSX machines for hacking. There's probably a lesson
in there, somewhere.


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