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Subject: Re: HYDRA L.A.N.
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 12:51:10 +0100

>On Wed 02 Jan 2002 at 09:43:12 +0100, Baltissen, R (Ruud) wrote:
>> Hallo allemaal,
>> First my best wishes for 2002.

Hope everyone had a good new year.  I myself re-started a couple
Commodore programming projects left idle years ago..

>> Anyone heard of this card? 
>We had these in school.
>I think there is a PEEK-protection or something like that.
>Initialise with SYS (beginaddress), or for supervisor mode, 
>+ 3. I have a list of commands somewhere. You can get and put screen
>images and loaded programs from/to other computers in the net. Also, 
>think, designate one machine as a disk-access-server (load & save 
>only I

I guess the next big question is the interfacing, what sort of wiring
are we talking here and was there a hub or is it chained from
computer to computer?  (I would guess a hub with the name "hydra")

>Warning: once, after a vacation, I came back in the computer room of 
>school. I turned on one PET, nothing. It turned out it was not 
>in, so I plugged it in (crawling under the table). But I forgot to 
>it off first. Above my head I heard a very loud buzz. I unplugged. It
>stopped. I plugged it back. Buzz again, and a very very nasty smell.

My brother did similar once to a PET with a hi-res graphics board and
a kurta digitizing tablet...  There must be a law (like murphy's)
that the most custom or expensive computers are the most prone to
damage...  (=-/)


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