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Date: 2002-01-02 12:51:10

On Wed 02 Jan 2002 at 09:43:12 +0100, Baltissen, R (Ruud) wrote:
> Hallo allemaal,
> First my best wishes for 2002.
> Last monday I bought a 8032, Fat-40, 8050 and MPS1361. For those interested
> in what I paid: Fl 75,- (33 USD). Inside the 8032 I found a little card with
> the printing "HYDRA L.A.N.". 
> The card contains 4 sockets for EPROMs marked "B000", "A000", "9000" and
> "USER 9000". The "9000" one was occupied by an EPROM labeled "HYDRA 3.9".
> The "A000" was occupied by an Wordcraft-EPROM. But for one or another reason
> I wasn't able to see these EPROMs: a simple quick "print peek(....)" showed
> nothing in these areas :(

> Anyone heard of this card? 

We had these in school.

I think there is a PEEK-protection or something like that.

Initialise with SYS (beginaddress), or for supervisor mode, beginaddress
+ 3. I have a list of commands somewhere. You can get and put screen
images and loaded programs from/to other computers in the net. Also, I
think, designate one machine as a disk-access-server (load & save only I

Warning: once, after a vacation, I came back in the computer room of the
school. I turned on one PET, nothing. It turned out it was not plugged
in, so I plugged it in (crawling under the table). But I forgot to turn
it off first. Above my head I heard a very loud buzz. I unplugged. It
stopped. I plugged it back. Buzz again, and a very very nasty smell.

I had literally melted some chips on the HYDRA board. They had holes in
them. The PET's main board was also broken. Worse: two other PETs which
were connected via the network only were also fried. Damage, as I was
told: about NLG 10.000 (of about 1984 or so) (EUR 4545).

The first PET, the one I turned on, was also a custom made 8032 with N
keyboard (instead of the usual B keyboard). It never was the same again
after the board swap :-(

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