Re: A Commodore 64 Demo Programming Milestone has been reached!

From: Nathan Smith (
Date: 2001-12-27 12:14:14

| Still, I'll live and be happy with the ability of the SuperCPU in
| manipulating the %01 and %10 bitpairs of the first three columns of the
| multicolor FLI screen. It presents us a decent range of color
| Also, $d021 is available as a color choice for the %00 bitpair in the
| three columns. I referred to $d020 in an earlier posting regarding
| the color of the background register on every scanline. A small typo--It
| should have been read as $d021 and now is referred to as the $d021
| So, by combining the $d021 feature and the full-screen FLI mode for the
| multicolor mode will give us a greater degree of control over color
| selection and bitmap drawing. It is certainly exciting times for our
| SuperCPU's... :)
| One other thing; Is using the $d021 feature feasible on full-screen
I guess so. I think Drazlace already used it (not for 1st 3 char columns).
I'm sure it is possible. Just try it anyway :)

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