RE: C2N232 released

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-12-27 07:39:31

On Fri, 21 Dec 2001, Ray Bryan wrote:

> the files on the Funet site are in formats that I cannot read on 
> my Amiga 3000.  Is there any other format for those schematic or
> board layout files that I can read?

The most important schematics and board layouts are available in PNG
(Portable Network Graphics) format.  The browsers AMosaic and aMozillaX
should support that format.

We shot a few pictures with my friend on last Friday, but I didn't manage
to get them on the net before travelling away for the holidays.  It also
seems that he didn't upload them to funet.  So, it'll take a while, most
probably one more week.

We had some fun while shooting those photos.  I decided to try "wireless"
transfer, by plugging the adapter directly to the CBM 8032SK or VIC-20
cassette ports and to the IBM ThinkPad A20m serial port.  There was some
use for magazines, as the ports were not on the same level.

Yesterday I finished debugging prlink's prdisk replacement, the cbmlink
-dr (disk read) option.  It worked well with the parallel connection, but
not with the cassette interface.  I suspect that some of the KERNAL file
handling calls affect the cassette write line at least on the C64, C128
and VIC-20. I'll have another look with a digital oscilloscope if I can't
figure it out from the KERNAL code.  The cassette port protocol has
already been designed in such a way that reading and clearing the cassette
read line status outside of the transfer causes no harm.


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