RE: CBM Printer History /compatibility
Date: 2001-12-21 23:21:45

Hi Konrad,
>Nick, can you tell something more about that emulator you are going to
write ?

The emulator will be a MSDOS program which will be an extended feature to my
64HDD program. 64HDD (a IEC drive emulation) can capture the data being sent
to device 4-7 (6 in the case of the C1520) to a disk file(s). The printer
emulation will simply read these file(s) and construct a bitmap image of the
information (probably a BMP as this is the simplest format to create on the
fly, but unfortunately the most inefficient with respect to space). The BMP
of course can then be printed, viewed, etc. 

It should also be able to add "enhancements" to the original such as large
"paper width" and more "colours".

One issue with the C1520 emulator as compared to other simple printers is
that multiple secondary channels are opened to change modes, pens, etc. All
these commands somehow have to be spooled into one file to define the "print
job". If I simply opened one file for each channel the sequencing will no
doubt be wrong when it comes to "printing" to the BMP.

- Nick


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