Re: SCSI-drives

From: Professor Dredd (
Date: 2001-12-21 21:10:04

Hello Ruud,

I have passed your request to a tech with SCSI experience.
He responds that you need DOS SCSI driver software to use
the drives from DOS. Presumably such drivers would have
been provided by the drive manufacturer.

--- "Baltissen, R (Ruud)" <> wrote:
> Hallo allemaal,
> Maybe OT but I assure you that these drives end up in
> service of my
> Commodores in one or anther way.
> I have been given a small cabinet containing two
> SCSI-HDs. I took an old 486
> from the shelf, inserted a SCSI-controller and checked
> and formatted the
> drive. Now I was curious if I could use these drives
> under DOS as well
> alongside the native IDE-system. But FDISK didn't even
> see the drives. 
> What must I do so DOS will see these drives? 

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