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From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2001-12-21 16:59:21

--- "Baltissen, R (Ruud)" <> wrote:
> Hallo allemaal,
> Maybe OT but I assure you that these drives end up in service of my
> Commodores in one or anther way.
> I have been given a small cabinet containing two SCSI-HDs. I took an old 486
> from the shelf, inserted a SCSI-controller and checked and formatted the
> drive. Now I was curious if I could use these drives under DOS as well
> alongside the native IDE-system. But FDISK didn't even see the drives. 

Depending on the controller, old Adaptec ones came with "AFDISK.EXE".  I
haven't had a problem mixing SCSI and IDE, but I use top-end Adaptec
controllers like the 1542C (for ISA) and the like.

FDISK can't find your drives probably because of a lack of BIOS support.
If your controller is of the variety typically used for scanners and
such, there probably isn't a SCSI BIOS onboard.  If you have a bootable
controller (like the 1542), you have to set the dip switches and the internal
settings to let DOS see the drives.

> And, on a lower level, what must I do so I can handle these drives using
> Interrupt-/ML-routines?

I know nothing about interrupt handlers under DOS.  If there is no driver
loaded (BIOS or otherwise), you can go bang on the ISA I/O ports to send
SCSI commands to the drives, but I'm not sure what it takes to hook in
an ISR under DOS.


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