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From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 2001-12-14 23:40:46

By and large, you will find many more 1520s with this problem than without.
If you plan to make a hobby of playing with these things, I would personally
recommend getting out the superglue and practicing a little home repair.

In the early days of eBay, I ran into a fellow whose off-hours hobby was
buying 1520s off eBay, repairing the little gears, and selling them again.
:)  Back then, they fetched around$65.00 working!

- Bo

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> > I should've posted this before.  Here is the posting from comp.sys.cbm:
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> > Believe it or not radio shack does sell the printer plotter pens for the
> > 1520 plotter.
> In case you happen to have any Atari stuff running around - it's the same
> plotter engine in their plotter, too.
> Anyone have any hints on how to get replacement gears?  I have a 1520 and
> an Atari plotter, both.  One has a cracked small gear so that it can't
> reliably move the paper up and down - the gear spins on the shaft because
> it can't properly grip it.  If I had a parts-breakdown, I'd reference the
> part number on a 1520 service manual (but that's one of the few things I
> _don't_ have a manual for).
> It doesn't look like anything magical, as long as the shaft
> diameter matches
> (probably something like 1/8" or 1/10" and the number of teeth and the
> diameter (have to check/count).  I suppose a well-stocked hobby
> shop (like the
> ones that model-train-building-buffs frequent) might be able to fix me up.
> I got pens (fresh in the tube from the Rat Shack when they still sold them
> over the counter) and paper (got the last two packs from store around the
> corner, years ago) - got no grip.  :-(
> Was there a 1520 test/install disk?  I got mine used.  I did
> write a program
> in BASIC to plot mathematical functions - I used it as a graphic
> in the middle
> of a sheet for the code numbers for Infocom's "Starcross" - still have the
> program.  I would like to crank out a couple more examples.
> I look forward to throwing it up against the emulator someone
> here mentioned
> recently.  I always did like the 1520; I even used it as my
> primary printer
> for a few months - I would use it for hardcopy of disassembly of
> M/L routines
> when I was reverse-engineering Zork.  Obviously, I printed as little as
> possible.  :-)
> -ethan
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