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From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2001-12-14 23:15:43

--- Bo Zimmerman <> wrote:
> I should've posted this before.  Here is the posting from comp.sys.cbm:
> ---------------------------------------------
> Believe it or not radio shack does sell the printer plotter pens for the
> 1520 plotter.

In case you happen to have any Atari stuff running around - it's the same
plotter engine in their plotter, too.

Anyone have any hints on how to get replacement gears?  I have a 1520 and
an Atari plotter, both.  One has a cracked small gear so that it can't
reliably move the paper up and down - the gear spins on the shaft because
it can't properly grip it.  If I had a parts-breakdown, I'd reference the
part number on a 1520 service manual (but that's one of the few things I
_don't_ have a manual for).

It doesn't look like anything magical, as long as the shaft diameter matches
(probably something like 1/8" or 1/10" and the number of teeth and the
diameter (have to check/count).  I suppose a well-stocked hobby shop (like the
ones that model-train-building-buffs frequent) might be able to fix me up.

I got pens (fresh in the tube from the Rat Shack when they still sold them
over the counter) and paper (got the last two packs from store around the
corner, years ago) - got no grip.  :-(

Was there a 1520 test/install disk?  I got mine used.  I did write a program
in BASIC to plot mathematical functions - I used it as a graphic in the middle
of a sheet for the code numbers for Infocom's "Starcross" - still have the
program.  I would like to crank out a couple more examples.

I look forward to throwing it up against the emulator someone here mentioned
recently.  I always did like the 1520; I even used it as my primary printer
for a few months - I would use it for hardcopy of disassembly of M/L routines
when I was reverse-engineering Zork.  Obviously, I printed as little as
possible.  :-)


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