Re: Virtual6510 - Can a PC act as a CPU Accelerator?

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 2001-12-05 00:02:06

> >The PC can count the number of cycles it has executed. However, how is
> >this count synchroniyed with the C64 cycles? In the VICE emulator we
> >always have to synchronize CPU cycles with the "more real time" cycles
> >defined by the frame rate. But in VICE we know how many cycles have
> passed.
> Can you explain why I need the synchronisation? I'm interested in
> understanding if I've missed something here.  Do you mean things like raster
> coding, etc?

Raster effects are one aspect. But more importantly, the serial IEC
bus requires very strict timing, which I doubt is possible with the
approach described.


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