Re: C64 AV to SVideo mini-DIN?

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-12-04 23:08:35

Adrian Gonzalez wrote:
> I made a cable to connect my C64 to my PC video capture card's S-Video
> input and it worked great.  Basically I cut an S-Video to S-video cable I
> had in half and put it back together with RCA plugs on both ends (Female on

I didn't have good experience with soldering RCA plugs to S-Video cables,
because they're mostly round and look ugly when you solder plugs on the thin
inner wires. The solder connections on the RCA plugs also fall off rather
quickly, so these cables are very unreliable. 

I chose another approach instead, and solder the DIN plug to cables with
molded RCA plugs. This works *very* well, I also make normal video cables this
way, with an extra composite output. Have a look at the results:


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