RE: USB-to-C64 ? (fwd)
Date: 2001-11-28 02:12:02

Hi All,

The method proposed by my project is to use the serial bus emulator on the
PC to do the talking to the PC USB hardware. 

Commodore's Serial IEC is a Universal Serial Bus in the true meaning of the
word as it communicates serially to many devices (drives, printers, and soon
modems etc). The "new" USB is too fast for a 1MHz processor. Mr Rainer had
an interesting discussion piece about the pros and cons in Go64, with a few
calcs. Even the minimum spec of 1.2Mbps is hard to handle without additional

My proposal is to let the PC to the hardwork as it already has the hardware
and software support. All needed in the emulator is a way to send /receive
from the PC drive.

- Nick

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Nicholas Coplin talks about doing a USB interface on his website at




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