Re: Virtual6510 - Can a PC act as a CPU Accelerator?

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 2001-11-19 23:36:27


quite an idea. I had a similar idea when I created my CS/A65 CPU
board that replaces a 6502 CPU with a cable to an other - admittely
also 6502 - computer...

As far as I understand the PC LPT port is simply too slow to handle the
maximum data transfer rate. So I doubt that full synchronized access is 
possible. Maybe implementing some microcode program that kind of burst-
loads/stores from/to C64 may do the trick. Is that what you intend?

RAM can be completely mirrored in the PC, only I/O read/writes and 
video memory writes must be taken into account, so this also reduces
accesses a lot.

The PC can count the number of cycles it has executed. However, how is
this count synchroniyed with the C64 cycles? In the VICE emulator we
always have to synchronize CPU cycles with the "more real time" cycles
defined by the frame rate. But in VICE we know how many cycles have
Is there a good enough timer available in the PC?

Well, just some thoughts,
keep up the good work!

Andre wrote:
> I've now settled on an approach and have documented the aims and challenges
> involved. This information is posted on my website at (as well as an FAQ and
> tech-doc)

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