Re[2]: Thanks for hints - ARVI alive after all !!

From: Barry Hill (
Date: 2001-11-19 19:25:00


Thanks to all who replied - especially to Nicolas for pointing me in
the right direction in that that the expansion port contacts can
sometimes need cleaning. Being too lazy to clean them and assuming
that it's 50% likely to be the C64 contacts, I grabbed a different
machine and tried it in that, and oh joy it worked again!!

It seems that a huge amount has been happening in the C64 scene in the
last few years - especially hardware developments that would have made
me want to rob a bank had they been available when the c64 was my
"main machine"!! fast RS232 ports; HDDs; etc. WOW !

Thanks for pointing out the ARVI updates from! It seems
that the development is now well looked after in the hands of
enthusiasts and not anonymous companies!

Best regards,


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