Re: Stepping the head

From: Aavo Tambur (
Date: 2001-11-07 23:11:55

"Baltissen, R (Ruud)" wrote:
> But..... I know from experience that if I power off the 1541, move
> the head randomly, power the 1541 on again and ask for a directory,
> it goes to track 18 without a bump. This means it first reads a
> header of the track the head is above and uses this info to calculate
> the number of stepd to perform.

I also remember, that when doing the dirty trick of trying reading
tracks beyond 35 and then cycling the power, then sometimes the drive
would refuse to read any disks anymore. Only "UI" (or was it (UJ) would
make the drive to bump and return to normal. This also implies it tries
to read the current location, but as it is beyond the formatted tracks,
it gets nothing and decides there is no disk in drive.


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