Stepping the head

From: Baltissen, R (Ruud) (
Date: 2001-11-05 15:18:27

Hallo allemaal,

In translating the way a 1541 treats a real drive to an harddisk I bumped
into the following problem: I couldn't find the variables that tell me to
which track the head should go to. If anybody knows, please tell me. 

On the other hand at $F510 I found the routine that actually looks for the
specific track and sector. This simply means that the 1541 already knows it
is on the right track. A very dirty thing I could do is bypassing the
stepping routines in one or another way and let it hink it is on the right
track. The moment $F510 is called I know what track and sector it actually
is looking for and use this info as info for my routine to set the
parameters for the harddisk.

But..... I know from experience that if I power off the 1541, move the head
randomly, power the 1541 on again and ask for a directory, it goes to track
18 without a bump. This means it first reads a header of the track the head
is above and uses this info to calculate the number of stepd to perform.
Question: where is this routine?
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