Re: OT - mac/vga

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 2001-11-02 10:26:35

ken ross wrote:
> >Me too :-) But I fear they are not available at all :-( I could use them
> >for a Mac-to-VGA monitor adaptor, but never could find one.
> speaking as a mac man myself , using a VGA monitor with my Mac .  maplins
> in the U.K. do them ,

Actually I didn't want to build an adaptor of such a kind myself, I already
have two of them (one with 8 switches, one without). I wanted one which
allows me to connect a Mac monitor to the PC. Currently I have a piece of
cable with two connectors attached to it, but no nice case for it. I wonder
how long this will last.

Now I found that dual 15pin D-Sub adaptors exist, but they're sold as a
gender changer, not as an empty adaptor. 


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