RE: Cassette port connectors and cases

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2001-10-26 08:59:52

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Christopher Phillips wrote:

> I would appreciate a DB-9 connector on the board.
> This would
> a) let me choose an appropriate cable length for what I was doing that day.
> b) be more robust.

Also, Levente pointed to me (in a private message) that with a little
additional code in the microcontroller, this device could be used as a
universal RS-232 adapter for all 8-bit C= computers.  Just plug it to a
modem with a modem-to-modem cable, male connectors at both ends and
twisted RTS/CTS and RxD/TxD signals.

When acting as an RS-232 adapter, the device would take care of XON/XOFF
or CTS/RTS handshaking, and baud rate selection.  Interrupt-triggered
operation should be available on all other systems except the 264 series,
which has a different cassette port connector anyway.  For cassette
emulation and prlink transfers, the device works also with the 264 series.

The current size of the board is 48 by 34 millimeters.  It could be
squeezed a little by abandoning the 1/10 inch grid, or by going for
surface-mounted components.  The 40 by 15 millimeters Nicolas mentioned
shouldn't be impossible.

The surface-mounted version of the board would need to be double-sided.  
Hmm, does anyone know if there are good surface-mounted connectors for
ribbon cables or something similar?  The current design has 11 soldering
pads (one of which is a key) for the programming connector and the serial
bus connector (which is not yet supported by the firmware).


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