Re: D9090 (was Re: VIC-1001 ROM sighting)

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Date: 2001-09-18 19:56:48

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> Subject: D9090 (was Re: VIC-1001 ROM sighting)
> > It's a simple one - four chips - two IEEE line drivers (TI 75xxx series),
> > a VLSI I/O chip (6522, ISTR) and a ROM...
> Can I find, on FUNET, schematics of the board and a dump of the ROM for
> buiding one?

I looked on FUNET.  The one described there is the Commodore one.  Mine was
different inside - specifically, mine had a pair of TI IEEE-488 line-driver
chips, the C= VIC-20 IEEE cart had three of the same style that were in the
PET/CBM.  There are other differences.

If I dig it out again (I forget which box it's in), I can see about dumping
the ROM and at least providing a parts list.  I'd probably have to re-trace
all the signals to generate a schematic.


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