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Date: 2001-09-18 19:04:12

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Subject: D9090 (was Re: VIC-1001 ROM sighting)

> It's a simple one - four chips - two IEEE line drivers (TI 75xxx series),
> a VLSI I/O chip (6522, ISTR) and a ROM.  I remember reverse engineering
> it when I got it years and years ago, and I think there's a little extra
> work involved in twiddling the I/O lines compared to the original CBM GPIB
> design, but it should be *about* the same speed - 4Kb/sec IIRC.

Can I find, on FUNET, schematics of the board and a dump of the ROM for
buiding one?

> Luck had little to do with it.  I picked up a few broken drives years ago
> for hundreds of dollars.  Between sending HDAs out for repair ($70 each!)
> and a little minor troubleshooting, I got stuff working.

It will be great for me to have one of them but, unfortunately, they aren't
so common in Italy and I, being a poor High School student, haven't lots of
money to spend for them...
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