Re: 16 MB REU clone again

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Date: 2001-09-05 22:10:07

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> Jestes Polak? Moj zona jest Polka.
Zgadza sie. Chociaz powinienes napisac "Moja" a nie "Moj" bo to by
oznaczalo, ze twoja zona jest facetem :)
/Thats right. However you should write "Moja"  not "Moj" as it would mean
your wife is a guy :) /

> > My IDE controller now use GAL...
> I'm interested how you program them. I've found a GAL-programmer on the
> But before building it I realised that I don't know how to create the
> JEDEC-files
A long time ago there was a hardware+software project called "Galer" (-for
Amiga). At that time I wasn't able to find any information about
GAL-programming algorithms so I had to reverse engineer that project (there
was no schematic, only part list; there were sources - but GAL type
recognition module was in object/compiled file) and soon I was able to build
my own programmer. Unfortunately it didn't work with 22V10 GALs, but I had
no time to fix it. I'm going to buy a full-featured device programmer (even
with script language for custom programming algorithms) which costs only
about $250 (compare this with BP or Advantech or Hi-Lo...) .
For creating JEDEC-files - there are some free/demo packages like Abel
(which I've used for that purpose), PAL-Asm etc. I found Abel very useful
and used it for some home-made projects. Now I'm switching to Xilinx stuff
(after checking Amd/Vantis, Lattice and Altera).

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