Re: Mini emulator

From: Andre Kaesmacher (
Date: 2001-09-06 18:16:58

Ruud Baltissen schrieb:
> I'm working on the Kernal for the 1541IDE-project. I need to test some code.
> I could start up VICE or another emulator but that is more then an overkill.

Maybe you could convince VICE to compile only a 1541-Emulator.
The good thing about VICE is, that it is Open Source.

> (And how do I explain my boss a C= screen on my monitor?)
How about: This a DOS-Prompt ?

> I merely was thinking of a program that you feed with the bin-file plus the
> info where the code should run in memory. After processing the code it
> outputs (a part of) the memory map so you can see what the result of the
> code was. Does such a tool exist?

There are some "coredump"-Features included with VICE.
I used to go to the Monitor within VICE and save the Memory.

> If not, I want to write one. But then I need a 6502 core. Anybody has/knows
> one for me in C or TP?

Here is a 6502-Core in C.

I have found ca. 5 6502-emulator Cores, i'll take a Look at my Bookmarks


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